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For 70 years, we have led the development of high velocity pressure/vacuum valves to the tanker shipping industry. Today, we are the world’s leading supplier, and around 50% of all tanker vessels worldwide use Pres-Vac equipment.


Our team of inhouse engineers are experts in developing unique solutions for our customers needs.


Our products are always compliant with latest rules and regulations in the market. The safety of your crew, vessel and cargo is our first priority.

Reducing emissions

Our products are designed to secure minimum emissions of your cargo to the environment.

70 years of experience serving our customers

Pres-Vac Engineering was founded in 1952, and started with the invention of the first valve of its kind on the market, revolutionising the tanker shipping industry. This 70-year history ensured our providing of excellent valves and venting equipment and engineering advice. In 1966, Pres-Vac Headquarters and production moved to Allerød where production still happens today, and would eventually provide the headquarter base of G&O Maritime group. We are now part of G&O Maritime Group since 2016, and with this rich pedigree supporting us, we are proud to be the world’s leading supplier of valves and venting equipment.

An ongoing history of innovative designs

We work with shipyards, naval architects and other partners on all continents, and we have continued to deliver market innovations again and again.

  • The first true high velocity pressure/vacuum valve
  • The first high velocity valve with proximity switches and 100% vapour tightness
  • The first non-hammering high velocity valve, valves with life prolonging mechanical damping elements
  • The first remote controlled mast riser valve
  • The first electrically heated flame arresters and valves
  • The first microchip based portable gauging instrument for ullage, interface and temperature

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Part of G&O Maritime Group

Pres-Vac Engineering was established in 1952 but became part of G&O Maritime Group in 2016. Since then, Pres-Vac Engineering has been a proud representative of G&O Maritime Group’s Tank Management division, assisting the group to strive toward a safer and greener future for the Maritime industry with their valves and venting equipment.


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Part of G&O Maritime Group

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VAT number: DK 20 54 57 39

Bank name: Sydbank A/S
Bank address: Peberlyk 4, 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark


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Account numbers:
USD: 8072 9427999
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IBAN numbers:
USD: DK82 8072 0009427999
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