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Careers at Pres-Vac Engineering provide a great opportunity to make your own impact on the maritime industry. Our teams thrive in our informal working environment with a flat organisational structure. This means the individuals in our teams have the great opportunity to exert influence on the system around them.

For more than 70 years, Pres-Vac has led the development of high quality valves and venting equipment for the maritime industry. Now, we are the world’s leading supplier of those products and an estimated 50% of all tanker vessels worldwide use our equipment and ask for our expertise. Such excellence would not be possible without outstanding personnel.

Work in an exciting, varied and developing job career with a great opportunity to make your own impact on the maritime world, with our market leading products.

Our commitment to an equal and respectful working environment

Pres-Vac Engineering, and the rest of G&O Maritime Group, are committed to fair working wages, equal opportunities, and the well being of all our workers.

In G&O Maritime Group we value diversity in all its forms, and we encourage all relevant applicants to apply for a position with us.

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