Pres-Vac Visits Silicone Valley!

Back in December, our Pres-Vac engineers worked with students involved in the DTU-X Programme (X-Tech Master’s Course), focusing on how to rethink problems facing engineering today.

Last week, our Pres-Vac representative Sofia Grave flew out to Silicone Valley, U. S. A., with those same students and representatives. Under the headline ‘Green Maritime Entrepreneurs’, the DTU and Danish maritime industry delegates explored the cross-field of innovation, digitalization, data-driven technology, and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

The aim of this conference was to explore the differences in European and North American approaches to innovation, investment, and start-ups. The 20 people gathered from the DTU projects, representatives from Danish maritime, and DTU entrepreneurs attended lectures and seminars, keeping themselves incredibly busy! Sofia found that the most interesting part of the trip was not just speaking to `superstars’ in these sects, but to understand from those superstars how data is one of the biggest movements in the industry.

The opportunity presented by the Danish Innovation centre was also to meet and understand how Pres-Vac can give new startups, entrepreneurs, and students the boost and support they need to push their cutting-edge ideas into the industry.

We certainly came back to Denmark from the sun of Silicon Valley brimming with ideas!

We would like to thank our hosts for arranging an infinitely interesting four days of presentations and workshops. It was a fantastic opportunity to work intimately with U. S. companies leading innovation in the maritime industry such as Flexport and Plug and Play Tech Centre and to receive valuable insight into corporate innovation, sustainable scaling and data-driven business models.

With special thanks to NVIDIA’s inspiring demo lad showcasing High-performance Computing, AI, Machine learning and Digital Twins presented by Shilpa Kolhatkar and John Ashley. Thank you to U+ Digital Ventures and brilliant Shomit Ghose

The Green Maritime Entrepreneurs is part of the X-Tech Master Course, and foster a fruitful relationship between industry leaders and students hoping to embark on entrepreneurship and maritime technology. As always, we are honoured to work with the best of maritime innovation in the U. S. A. , and also have the chance to help inspire future entrepreneurs through the DTU-X programme.

Sofia Grave, our Pres-Vac representative and expert engineer in Silicone Valley.
  • Pres-Vac Visits Silicone Valley

    Pres-Vac Visits Silicone Valley

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