The Pres-Vac Promise

Pioneering the tanker industry for 70 years, we offer more than a device to prevent the passage of flame and relief of tank pressure and vacuum.

Fabricated steel

Our newest generation of High Velocity Pres-Vac valves are made of fabricated steel, using automated welding equipment. This secures an even quality and stronger construction than using casting for valve bodies. All materials are from Europe and valves are produced in Denmark.

Compliant spare part packages

Our spare parts are subjected to the same tests, certifications, and requirements as our complete valves. All spare parts are certified to be installed without further action
from authorities. We guarantee that your valves remain compliant with Pres-Vac original spare parts.

Compliance with latest
rules & regulations

We take great pride in ensuring that our products fulfil all compliance requirements and are tested in the most optimum way. Pres-Vac offer a safety device tested and certified to all existing and known forthcoming rules and regulations.

Low emissions focus

When designing PV valves, we aim to optimise the construction to ensure lowest possible emissions. The
unique resilient seal ensures that the valves are nearly leak tight and performs significantly better than the regulatory bodies test standard requires.

Hallmark functionality

The functional behaviour of our High Velocity PV valves controlling pressure and vacuum in tanks, not only improves safety but also reduce environmental impact and operating
cost. We use a unique magnet, weight and damper combination, which ensures best in class PV valve performance.

Focus on dispersion height

The optimised valve cone design of the new series of PV valves secures vertical vapour dispersing at a high efflux velocity, safely leading gases away from deck and crew.
Furthermore, with noise reduction as a key parameter, an optimised nozzle design have decreased noise significantly.

Application specific purpose

Careful consideration to ship design and piping is needed to secure that you have the best suited venting equipment. We work closely with owners and shipyards, as well as design- and engineering companies to tailor our solutions to the specific application.

Advisory and support

Our engineers and specialists advice and supports in achieving the most optimum solution for your application. We work closely with regulatory bodies and class societies,
and continually update our products to meet the latest trends and rules.

Endurance burning tested

While not currently a requirement for inert enabled tanks, our policy is that all of our new generation PV valves are endurance burning tested. This will ensure that the cargo tank is always safe.

Optimum valve design

Our valves are based on a patented
and simple yet rugged design.
This ensures an easy maintenance
and a reliable valve at optimum

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